Deep Blue – polyp lifting solution for colonoscopy

Deep Blue is a 30 seond overview of the use of a polyp lifting solution for use in colonoscopy. The brief required an accurate visualisation of the procedure that would deliver an authoritative message to the professionals who viewed it. Considerable research, sub-millimeter accurate 3D modelling based on suppled equipment, and a realistic colonoscope animation rig ensured a credible result.

Technical screenshots of the set up for the Deep Blue project

Tech notes

Images above show details of the scope and colon modelling, and animation rig. The video to the right shows our development of the animation for the stainless steel spring snare that is used for surgery. Getting this accurate was important for the target audience.
Lighting can be tricky for a project like this – it’s a dark environment in reality! The high intensity LED’s on the scope give a good view for the surgeon, but of course don’t work for a ‘reverse shot’ as seen by the viewer. We therefore used identical ‘scope like’ lighting from the viewers perspective to light the scene,  to maintain the lighting feel.