aaOcean example

aaOcean for C4D.

aaOcean is a well established open-source ocean surface deformer / displacer / shader available for most of the leading 3D-CGI applications. Thanks to the work of Kent Barber it remains available for C4D. In addition to Kent’s work on the software side I have expanded the documentation, which may be of particular use to new users. You can download the lastest versions of the plugin at:


and the expanded C4D documentation file (*.txt) at:

https://vantagegraphics.co.uk/aaOcean/aaOcean documentation_200526.txt

While there are a number of ‘ocean’ plugins for C4D – HOT4D and Insydium’s xpOcean deformer – aaOcean has the advantage of having both deformer and displacement shader components. If you’re working with a renderer that has render-time sub poly displacement this can be a much more memory efficient method of ocean creation – and offers much faster viewport performance as well. That means it’s a much more practical option for the generation of larger ocean surfaces.