3 close up detail images of M364FA aircraft retouch and 3D CGI image

M364 F/A Retouch and 3D CGI additions

3D-CGI additions, retouch and photo composite of a Leonardo M346 F/A fighter attack aircraft for marketing communications use. The client required two additional missile systems to be added to the supplied photograph.
The image was camera matched using 3D software to reverse engineer the camera location and field of view, and to determine scaling based on known dimensions of the aircraft. Various missile layout options were drafted, discussed and agreed with the client.

Other areas of retouching work included modifying the horizon position, repairing grass areas, extending the concrete apron and removing markings, de-emphasising the background buildings and extending the image on the left. Accurate 3D models of the required missiles were constructed, textured, lit and rendered to match the original image. Retouch, compositing and colour correction were completed in Photoshop.