LHR flightpaths

3D CGI visualisation of direct destinations from London Heathrow airport.
Created using data-driven modelling and animation in Sidefx Houdini.

LHR flightpaths - multi-globe view

Tech notes

This shot uses a procedural data-driven approach in Sidefx Houdini. Data was compiled for London Heathrow and each destination airport, including airport code, name, city, latitude and longitude. This spreadsheet based data was imported and used to pinpoint each destination on the globe. The real challenge lay in creating a system to get each ‘aircraft’ to reach it’s destination with a time delay sorted by it’s flight distance from London. You’ll notice the nearest destinations are reached and labelled first.

The whole system is fully art directable – and of course re-usable with new data.

LHR flightpaths Sidefx network